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The Best Cars and Vans for Roof-Top Tents

By Car Roof Tent
Apr 22, 2018 @ 2:58 pm

If you are thinking of getting a roof tent, then it is wise to also consider whether the car that you have will be a good one to use. Although the roof top tents are designed to fit on any car, it is wise to have one which is roomy and capable of getting you to lots of destinations. One big advantage of roof-top tents is that you will be able to camp in many different places. You are not limited to camping in a camp site, for example but you can stop wherever your car can (legally) take you. You will need to make sure that you are allowed to stop overnight in the destinations that you choose of course. If you want to access more areas, then you might want to find a car that has good off road facilities and if you are camping in a field, then this will be necessary.

You will also want a roof that has the room to carry a roof top tent as well. It will need to be able to be fitted securely to the rack on the top of a vehicle, so you will need a vehicle that has one of these. Most cars with a rack will be able to carry the roof-tent, but it is wise to check with the car manufacturer just to be sure, particularly if you are thinking about buying a new car with getting a roof-tent for it in mind or you are looking to purchase a roof-tent and want to be sure that it will fit.

Some popular choices of car for use with a roof-top tent are:

  • Range Rover
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux & 4Runner
  • Mitsubishi Overlander
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Jeep (Grand Cherokee, Compass etc)
  • Land Rover Discovery

These tend to be designed for off roading or travelling long distances or for camping and so can be great choices for using with a car roof tent. However, any car is suitable as long as it has a roof rack, but it is sensible to think about where you might want to take your roof-tent and therefore whether you will want off road facilities.

Alternatively you may want to attach it to a van and then have more room for your camping equipment or sleep people inside the vehicle as well as on the top. A van can be a better choice for larger families too as the car tent will sleep two adults and one child, but with a van, you could sleep more children or you could have two couples, but you could still all travel together and spend your time together apart from when you are actually asleep. There are lots of options but it is good to get it right so that you make the very best use of your roof-tent. You want to think about what you hope to gain from your purchase and whether the vehicle that you have will give you the freedom that you want.