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Roof Tents Versus Campervans

By Car Roof Tent
Apr 23, 2018 @ 11:28 am

You may have heard of a roof tent, which is a new way of camping. However, you may wonder what the difference is between these tents and having a camper van, as they are similar in the fact that you travel with your accommodation as part of your vehicle and they are easy to set up once you get to your camp site.

One of the main differences between buying a camper and roof-top tent is the price. A camper van would be very much more expensive than a roof-top tent.  Not only is the initial outlay cheaper, it is likely that the fuel will be cheaper to run a car with a tent on top compared with running a camper van. You will also save on vehicle tax and insurance, as smaller vehicles tend to be cheaper. With a roof-tent you will not need to buy a new car, as long as you have roof rails on your car but with a camper, you will tend to purchase it as an addition to your car and so you will have all the additional costs of running a second vehicle. This means two lots of tax and insurance and twice as many MOT’s and services as well.

Storing your camper van can sometimes be tricky too as it is unlikely to fit in many garages and a lot of people only have a small driveway. However a roof-top tent will easily fit in a garage and maybe even a shed or attic. It can fold away neatly and will look good wherever you store it. You also have the advantage of looking cool with a roof tent compared to a camper, which is unlikely to look cool.

With a roof tent you will be high up and when you wake in the morning or are going off to sleep you will be able to look out form an elevated position and take advantage of the great views. This is not something that you will be able to do from your bed in a camper as you will be much lower down.

Driving your car, rather than a camper can be a lot easier too. Not only is it less cumbersome end easier to get through narrow country lanes, you could even attach your tent to an off road vehicle and explore all sorts of exciting places which you could never get to with a camper. You can also travel in the day in your car to different locations and easily find parking spaces compared to having to go out in a camper van which will not be so easy. With a camper van, you may have to tow a car to get to everywhere you want to visit or you may have to cycle or walk instead. Although you may not mind cycling or walking, you may be too far away to get to all of the destinations that you want to visit, so having a car with you could be much easier.